Financial Planning

Whether it be building wealth through investment, super strategies, planning for retirement or simply talking through your financial goals, we have experience to creating your financial independence.


With thousands of managed funds and shares available, it can be overwhelming, however it is imperative that your disposable income is used to create as much wealth as possible. Everyone’s circumstances are different; so we can tailor a plan specifically to assist you in achieving your financial goals.

Retirement Solutions

With Australians living longer; you may have to build sufficient wealth to last up to 30 years after you stop working.

The government recently overhauled the superannuation system in Australia, introducing some extremely attractive strategies to help Australians increase their retirement income.

  • We can assist you in maximising your retirement income:
  • With transition to retirement strategies
  • By enabling you to keep more of your income rather than giving it to the tax man.

Life Insurance/Income Protection

Are you under or over insured ?

Are you paying too much in premiums ?

Could you provide for yourself and your family if you were unable to work due to sickness or injury ?

Whether you are a young single, or have a family to look after, your income is one of your most valuable assets. Think about it, if you were suddenly injured or became seriously ill and couldn’t earn an income, how would you keep the bills under control? With Income Protection Cover, you could easily and affordable secure your income, so you can focus on getting well without additional financial strain.





  • Access to 1000’s Of Fund Managers

    With diligent research capabilities, we can let you know the best funds in the market place, be it cash, fixed interest, property, Australian Shares or International shares. We can tax effectively initiate savings plans to create wealth and provide for future expenses such as childrens’ education.

  • Access To Equity Markets

    We can analyse your current stock portfolio and tell you where there is value in the market.

  • Caoital Protection

    Investments or superannuation; we can show you how you can have access to the share market with zero chance of risking your capital.

  • Tax Advantage Investments

    We have access to managed funds which aim to make significant yields without having to give the profits to the tax man.

  • Retirement Planning Strategies

    We will discuss strategies individually tailored to help maximise your retirement income and how to minimise your tax and maximise your wealth before retirement with a dynamic new strategy.

  • Super Comparisons

    If you are unsure with your super is performing adequate, we can user our independent research to critique any fund in the market place and make comparisons to other funds.

  • Finding Lost Superannuation

    With tens of billions of dollars in lost superannuation money, you may have super that you didn’t know about.

  • How Much Super Do You Need?

    How much is enough for retirement? This is the most common question we face. We can give you an idea of how your super is tracking and whether you have an adequate amount. If not, we can explore how to increase your super savings.

  • Confused With Your Insurance?

    Different insurances have different names and they are forever changing. We can explain what insurances are available and what they actually cover.

  • How Much Is Enough?

    Are you adequately insured? With our needs analysis tools, we can give you an idea of how much insurance you require.

  • Comprehensive Insurance Analysis

    We can let you know whether your current insurances suit your individual situation, and whether or not they are adequately structured. It is often wise to place as much cover through your super as you can. It will lower the cost and improve your cash flow.

  • Quote Comparisons

    Different companies focus on different areas. What may have been the best quote five years ago could possibly not be now. We can compare your current premiums with all others in the market using unique research at no cost to you.